• A bag that your child can easily manage.
  • Hat – broad brimmed or bucket hat style. (no caps)
  • Fruit or vegetable snacks – these stay in your child’s bag.
  • Lunch – please place your child’s lunch in the…..
  • Water bottle (containing water only)


It is important for children to wear clothes that allow freedom of movement around our learning environment, and that they can manage themselves when going to the toilet.  Please pack a spare set of clothes in your child’s bag, just in case of accidents. Please name all belongings so items can be easily identified.

Hats: All children and staff are required to wear a hat outside from 1st August to 30th April. Bucket, wide brimmed hat are acceptable as they protect the neck, face and ears.

Footwear: Research and evidence gathered by experts highlight great benefits of barefoot play. Our preschool supports this evidence and children can choose to remove footwear for specific activities. Thongs, shoes with heels and Croc styles are not permitted. To assist your child’s growing independence, footwear that can easily be taken off and put on is essential.

Clothing: As we are a ‘SunSmart’ school, children need to wear clothes that cover their shoulders (i.e. no tank tops, shoe-string straps, etc…). Please ensure all clothing is suitable for outdoor activities such as climbing, swinging, riding. Preschool can be very messy, so clothing that can be easily washed is recommended.