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Core Business




Our core business is teaching and learning to ensure that our students develop their full potential.

The values, attitudes, understandings and capacities from the Essential Learning’s described in the South Australian curriculum will be integrated across the areas of learning.

These are:

  • Identity: developing personal identity and relationships with others
  • Thinking: developing creativity, wisdom and enterprise to shape ideas and solutions
  • Interdependence: a sense of being connected with others and their local and global communities
  • Futures: the capacity to contribute to, critically reflect on and shape possible futures
  • Communication: effective uses of literacy, numeracy and information and communication technologies

We will:

  • provide a balanced and integrated learning program across all areas of study as described in the South Australian Curriculum Standards and Accountability Framework: English, Mathematics, Health and Physical Education, Science, Technology, The Arts, Society and the Environment, and AUSLAN
  • use current Learning Technologies to amplify, extend and transform learning
  • create positive learning environments that value and support relationship building, individuality, persistence, creativity, and critical thinking in celebration of achievements
  • establish social, behavioural and learning expectations, responsibilities and consequences