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Para Hills gives students the opportunity to participate in a variety of SAPSASA sports throughout the year. Aligned with the Salisbury East SAPSASA District, the school nominates teams of Year 5 & 6 boys and girls of varying ability to compete in local carnivals against 17 other schools in our district. Teams then take part in a 1 day carnival. These sports include Netball, Australian Rules Football, Tag Rugby & Soccer.

Students also have the opportunity to compete in aged based sports such as Athletics, Swimming and Cross Country. The selection for these carnivals is based on the student’s year of birth and are open to students who turn 10 up to 12 years of age. (The school covers the cost of transport and sports uniforms for all school events.)

Students who demonstrate a high level of ability in these sporting areas are offered the chance to try out for the Salisbury East SAPSASA District team in their specialist sport. Students attend selection training sessions after school hours at various local sites in the area. Upon selection, they will be playing in the SAPSASA State Carnival against the best athletes in the state. (Students who perform well at these carnivals will be considered for the State team and can compete at the National Championships held at locations around Australia.)

Para Hills School has a long history with the SAPSASA sports program. As well as introducing sports to beginner students it has also been a pathway for a number of children to begin playing sport outside of school as well as competing at a higher level.