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School Policies





Parents are invited to make an appointment to enrol their child(ren) at Pre-school as soon after their third birthday. During the enrolment interview parents are invited to tour the school and are provided with information about school policies and programmes. To confirm dates for your child’s enrolment please contact the school. Children who are older than five can enrol and begin school the day after enrolment or as per arrangement with the school principal.

Reporting and Assessment

Para Hills schools has an ongoing assessment program that encourages, assists and enhances the learning of all students. Students’ learning achievements are reported to parents in a combination of meaningful ways including parent/teacher/student interviews, written reports and informal parent/teacher discussions as the need arises. The reporting and assessment process is an important link between the school and home. The school makes every effort to ensure students progress is monitored, and support and extension is provided where required. Parents are encouraged to contact their child’s teacher if they have concerns regarding their child’s progress. Communication between parents and staff is fundamental to a student’s successful schooling.


Students are expected to comply with the school values of Respect, Honesty and Commitment. Our learning community is built on respectful relationships between students, parents, teachers and the community. Students are explicitly taught a range of problem solving processes to help keep themselves and others safe and take responsibility for their behaviour.

To view Anti-harrassment Policy, please click here (PDF Format)

Dress Code

In accordance with the Education Regulation 189A of the Administrative Instructions and Guidelines, Governing Councils are authorised to determine the school dress policy. On October 29th 2002, the Governing Council endorsed the implementation of a uniform policy offering a specific range of colour coded items.

To view the current Dress Code policy, please click here (PDF Format)